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Our Marketing and Design team bring passion and dedication in every project we work on, aiding and embedding the perfect concepts through design led solutions. We exceed expectations because our aim is to project your marketing material and become the lead within your industry.

As a team of experienced, professional Designers and Marketers, we ensure that your brand aligns with your consumers as we create the materials for you to have that competitive edge over your competitors.

Our Digital Marketing Agency, based in Derby, Derbyshire and Stoke-on-Trent, has the expertise for businesses by using enhanced, intelligent technology to provide marketing and social media solutions and tailored designs.

CEG Creative Studios are a marketing and communications firm, specialising in:
- Branding packages (logo design, brand guidelines etc.)
- Social media marketing (social post designs and lead generation)
- Website development and creation (brochure and eCommerce)
- Email campaigns
- Printed media
- Video Content

Examples of branding packages and logo concepts below:

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