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Animation and CGI

We have a highly skilled team who can provide visual animation images, videos and short stories.

Our experienced creators will liaise with you, understand your vision, and work closely with you to bring the latest animation features, to a visual reality. 

Our animation and animated video production studio is based in Derby and Stoke-on-Trent.
Levels Campaign
Working alongside Derbyshire Police, CEG Creative Studios developed the Levels Campaign, an anti-violence strategy and approach.

Levels was designed to stop the spread of violence amongst young people in our communities. After comprehensive research, our methods adapted to use the most effective techniques and strategies evidenced in tried and tested approaches historically.

As a bespoke design agency, specialising in animation and video production, we designed and created an animated campaign, capturing Derbyshire Police's vision, as well as the end user's attention.

During the execution stages of the Project, three steps were identified:
• Detect, prevent and intervene
• Identify, support and treat highest risk
The Levels campaign was a combination of CEG Creative Studios' Multimedia services:
Animation, Marketing Collateral and Design.
marketing concepts for community project level
Examples of other projects:
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